Make learning happen


How to create the conditions for learning in your class

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Download the course brochure:


Make Learning Happen – download the brochure


Dates and venues:

  • 3 July in Birmingham
  • 6 July in London



  • Turn teaching into long-term learning
  • Turn pedagogical theories into tangible strategies for immediate use, including:
    • Desirable Difficulties
    • Formative assessment
    • Deliberate practice
    • Constructive alignment and the SOLO Taxonomy
    • Distributed and spaced learning
  • Discover practical ways to maximise the effectiveness of your learning environment


Benefits of attending:

  • Ensure pupils make better progress in your classroom
  • Help students to store and retrieve information from their long-term memories with greater ease and efficiency
  • Take learning from surface- to deep-level in readiness for linear exams
  • Teach information in multiple, contrasting contexts
  • Get student’s monitoring and regulating their own learning


Course contents:

Practical strategies to create the six conditions for learning
1. Intrinsic motivation
2. Purpose
3. Practice
4. Feedback
5. Metacognition
6. Assessment

A guide to unlocking the five keys of lesson planning which make students think hard
1. Connect the learning
2. Personalise the learning
3. Grab students’ attentions
4. Teach less, learn more
5. Make time to reflect

Based on the works of:

Anders Erricson

Prof. John Hattie

Prof. Robert Bjork

Carol Dweck

John Biggs


Further details and booking options to follow.