Lessons from Finland – the complete series



Let’s all meet up in PISA 2000…

On Sunday 10 May 2015 I flew to Finland for a week of fact-finding. My mission: to learn from Finnish education leaders and teachers what it means to run a world-class education system. Over the course of seven articles, I recount my experiences and share my findings…

These articles are written in the form of diary entries based on the scribbled notes I took during various meetings with colleagues. Any errors and inaccuracies are entirely my own.

I’d like to thank all the colleagues I met for their generosity and kindness. They made me feel welcome in their country and selflessly gave me their time and expertise. I have chosen not to name these colleagues because I do not want to attribute to them opinions which they may not wish to have in the public domain. They were utterly professional at all times and yet refreshingly honest about what works and what doesn’t work in Finnish education…


Part One – the Finnish context: PISA 2000

Part Two – the Finnish education system

Part Three – Finnish curricula & qualifications

Part Four – the culture of learning

Part Five – quality assurance systems

Part Six – teacher training & professional development

Part Seven – performance management & conclusions


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